Arizona named as one of the best travel destinations

Sandwiched between beach front County Clare, Ireland and remote island St. Helena on the rundown, Bisbee, Arizona is a must-visit destination.

Calling the city “collectible, moderate and real,” Frommers urges explorers to stop in one of Arizona’s most loved artist’s town. One Arizona city discovered its spot on a rundown of the 18 best travel goals for 2018.

The city sits more than 5,500 feet in the mountains close to the Arizona-Mexico fringe and has a profound association with mining copper, gold and silver. The travel site supports guests can take a visit and learn of Bisbee’s century-long keep running as a mining town going back to 1877, or go to the Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum, a Smithsonian Institution partner.

Mom travels the world with family using maternity leave

A mom from London is utilizing her maternity leave for her second kid to go into an adventure and travel with her family.

The family left London on their months-long journey when Quinn was only 9 weeks old.

Karen Edwards, 33, is going through the U.S., Central America and South America with her significant other, Shaun Bayes, their girl, Esmé, 3, and 4-month-old child, Quinn. Edwards additionally took maternity leave after her little girl’s introduction to the world in 2014 to venture to the far corners of the world.