Discover four ways you can maintain your sneakers

In case you bought your sneakers some few months ago, but now they look like they are more than three years old, chances are that you have not been maintaining them in the right way.  Sneakers are the favorite of many shoe wearers. They have sturdy inner sole which makes them very good for different activities and sports.  You can also be able to choose the one that meets your taste and preference, since you can find them in different styles and designs. However, after buying nike shoes stores showcase, you should maintain them in the right way. Here are tips on how you can maintain your Nike shoes sneakers:

Wear your shoes properly

It is true that many people are taught how to take off and wear shoes during their childhood. However, rarely do they carry this good habit to adulthood. When in a hurry or tired, you may be tempted to force your feet inside your nike shoes, or remove the shoes without loosening the laces.  This stretches the inner part of your shoes and might scrap or scratch the shoes at the back. To carefully put your shoes, take time to untie and loosen the laces. Then slip your feet in slowly, and make the laces tight before you tie them up. To remove the shoes, do the reverse and making sure the shoes and the laces are loose enough before you remove your feet.

Adhere to an everyday maintenance routine

After taking off your shoes, it is important to follow everyday maintenance routine practices. The first thing you should do is to brush off any dirt your shoes might have. Then, using baby wipes clean the leather part and the bottom soles of your shoes. Remove any scratches on leather using a small piece of tissue and some nail polish. If you notice some scuffs on the sole, rub them away using a pencil eraser.  After removing your shoes, avoid leaving them lying around, because this can scuff or scratch them. Place the shoes on a shoe rack, or shelf. In case you notice a strange smell use shoe deodorizers or air them out.

Keep your shoes clean

Keeping clean your nike shoes stores sell can enhance their durability, and ensure that you do not look sloppy. Using a soft brush, get rid of any dirt or grime from the shoe. After that, mix some detergent and warm water to make a soapy solution. Dip a brush, sponge, or a cloth into the solution and wash the shoes. Be keen on the dirty areas and then leave the shoes to dry. If your shoes have leather parts use leather protectors on those parts after cleaning.

Store your shoes in the right way

Once you find best nike shoes, you should store them in the right way, especially if you do not wear them all the time. To keep the shoes in shape, put pieces of papers in the shoes. Avoid using papers that have prints on them since ink may rub off on your shoes.  Also, keep the shoes in a dry place, away from sunlight. This will prevent mold and bacteria that thrive in wet areas from destroying and giving the shoes a bad smell. Again, sunlight can fade the color of nike shoes has that you bought.